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The Sturtevant Fireworks Committee is going big with a 50/50 raffle that promises the winner $15,000.

Village President Steve Jansen confirmed Tuesday that only 300 tickets are available, and the buy-in is $100. Proceeds will be split evenly with the committee, giving both a single winner and the fireworks group each $15,000.

“Some might look at the price as being out there, but if we can get families and co-workers to team up and throw in $20 or $25 with a 1-in-300 chance to win,” he said. “I’d take those odds any day compared to some lottery games sold today!”

Ticket sales begin April 4 and will continue until the last ticket is sold, Jansen said.

Sturtevant trustee candidate Michele Duchow expressed some concern with the ticket price and offered to contact area businesses for prizes for a raffle. She also said she’d like to join the committee.

Jansen remained optimistic and said it was time to do something a little different to try and shake things up a bit.

“I think people will go for this because it’s unexpected,” he said. “I know this will be successful, and imagine if we did two of these a year, the fireworks would be paid in full.”

Tickets can be purchased at Village Hall, 2801 89th Street. Call (262) 886-7200.