Racine Police and the Wisconsin Humane Society took 18 dogs from a Racine home on Monday after their owners surrendered them, said Angela Speed, vice president of communication at the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Details are sparse about how the police department found out about the dogs. The matter is still under investigation and police have not released any details on any possible charges or the location of the home where the dogs were found.

Officials with the Wisconsin Humane Society were contacted over the weekend to go to a Racine home to aid in a potential seizure situation. When police and officers arrived at the home, the owners decided to surrender the dogs.

“They realized that they couldn’t take care of them and decided to surrender them,” Speed said.

There were 17 Chihuahuas and one Beagle. Five of the dogs were puppies that were one to two weeks old.

“We know in hording cases like this that the owners love the animals and they have the best of intentions, but they often don’t have the resources to care for the animals. We know things can spiral out of control quickly when animals are not sterilized and they can multiply quickly,” she said.

Six of the dogs — the mom and five babies — have been taken to the Wisconsin Humane Society — Racine Campus and the other 12 dogs were taken to the Ozaukee campus.  The mother and babies are especially vulnerable because they are very young. Two veterinarians are evaluating the condition of the animals, which should be released later in the week.

The conditions the dogs were found in were “not great,” but the case is still under investigation, Speed said.

“With every hoarding situation I am reminded what a privilege it is to have the capacity to respond to these cases and how great it is to have the support we do from the community,’ she said.



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