UPDATE 12:17 p.m.: Racine Police have confirmed that the girl was at school.

ORIGINAL STORY: Police are searching for a missing girl, but they believe the matter will be resolved quickly as they are following up on several strong leads, said Lt. Al Days, of the Racine Police Department.

Investigators have been searching for Adreanne Minar since Tuesday afternoon after her mother, Robin Webster, reported to police that Adreanne’s father Jacob Minar failed to return her to her mother in a timely manner, Days said.

However, the case is being investigated as a custody issue and not an abduction, which is why an Amber Alert was not put out, Days said.

According to court records, Minar and Webster both share visitation rights of Adreanne. But when Jacob allegedly alluded to taking Adreanne to Las Vegas, having a gun and being OK with spending his life in prison, Webster notified the police.

Days said they have several strong leads.

“We are looking for her like we do for all custody non returns and we hope to resolved soon,” Days said.


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