Sturtevant incumbents Carrie Harbach and Jayme Hoffman along with challenger Michelle Duchow were elected to the village board Tuesday by sizable margins.

More than 50 percent of registered voters cast ballots, and because there are no outstanding absentee ballots, the results from election night will most likely stand as is after the board of canvas Monday. Sturtevant has 3,169 registered voters, and 1,865 cast ballots.

Village residents also went for Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders in the partisan presidential primary.

At the county level, Supervisor Kay Buske took more votes in Sturtevant over challenger Dale Steger.

Here’s how it all shook out for contested races:

Village Board:

Carrie Harbach: 874
Jayme Hoffman: 824
Michelle Duchow: 730
Daryl Lynaugh 552

County Board:

Kay Buske: 864
Dale Steger: 544



Ted Cruz: 530
Donald Trump: 360
John Kasich: 143


Bernie Sanders: 414
Hillary Clinton: 378

State Supreme Court:

Rebecca Bradley: 953
Joanne Kloppenburg: 726

Racine County Circuit Court:

Mark Nielsen: 980
Joseph Seifert: 406