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Alex Richter (center) was sentenced to 145 years in jail for sexually assaulting the children he was babysitting and creating child porn photos and videos from the attacks.

by Heather Asiyanbi

BREAKING NEWS: Babysitter convicted of child sex assault sentenced to 145 years. Our friends at Racine Uncovered News are reporting that Racine County Circuit Court Judge Timothy Boyle gave Alex Richter 145 years in prison and another 75 years on extended supervision.

Richter was charged in November 2012 with over 40 counts of first degree child sex assault and child pornography for sexually assaulting the children of his classmates a tGateway Technical College – Racine, Wi Campus. Six kids ranging in age from 2-1/2 to seven were victimized for about three years. Richter videotaped the kids engaged in sex acts with each other and of him assaulting the children.

In September, Richter pleaded no contest to four charges, which would have netted him 80 years in prison, essentially a life sentence. But in court Thursday, Boyle noted that even though Richter didn’t commit murder, he did kill something inside those children, a story in The Journal Times notes.

“Although he didn’t kill anybody, he killed something inside of these children,” Boyle is quoted as saying. “He is utterly disturbed and evil.”

After the hearing, the JT wrote that Assistant District Attorney Robert Repischak told reporters his goal was to put Richter in jail for the rest of his life without subjecting the children to a trial.

“My purpose was to make sure he spent the rest of his life in prison without subjecting the children to the trauma of a trial,” Repischak said. “The judge absolutely guaranteed that.”