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Caron Butler

by Heather Asiyanbi

Racine native and Milwaukee Bucks captain Caron Butler is looking at investing for the future, but not for himself. Instead, the NBA star is looking out for his hometown.

It’s no secret that Butler has purchased homes throughout the greater Racine area for various family members and that he’s committed to giving back through charitable donations. Butler told The Journal Times that the investments he’s eyeing are for the city’s future, not his own.

Not only is he eyeing commercial properties – “I want to create jobs in Racine,” he is quoted as saying – he may also be looking to partner with his friend, Amy Hamilton, on transitional living home for people with disabilities who live independently for the most part.

Instead of providing the financial support as a silent investor, though, Hamilton said Butler would be more hands-on.

“He’s also interested in being hands on. He has been to several of my homes, and he likes the whole concept,” she told the JT.