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RUSD Superintendent Lolli HawsAfter spending her first 90 days getting to know the district, Racine Unified Superintendent Lolli Haws presented a three-year plan to the RUSD Board of Education on Dec. 16: raising student achievement, closing the achievement gap and making sure all schools are positive environments for learning.

To reach those goals, Haws wants to implement specific curriculum for reading and math that aligns with the Common Core standards adopted by the state, according to a story in The Journal Times.

More, she wants to pay teachers based on merit and split the district’s three biggest high schools into learning academies that focus “like health sciences, technical education or college preparation,” the story reads.

Other steps in Haws’ plan, the newspaper lists, include:

• Lengthening 4-year-old kindergarten to a full school day.

• Reducing class sizes by one student per year for three school years.

• Increasing character and behavior programming.

• Moving to a more proactive building maintenance schedule.

• Aligning budgets to district goals instead of rolling dollar amounts over in the same categories from year to year.

• And removing the district’s structural deficit in part by implementing benefit efficiencies and using an enrollment/revenue forecast.


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