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Road Repairs Needed

Some $3.5 million in city road projects are scheduled for 2014, including a half-mile stretch of Ohio Street and a good chunk of Taylor Avenue.

While the Ohio Street project – with a price tag of about $1.6 million – is the most expensive and extends south from Washington Avenue to 16th Street, the city won’t have to shoulder much of the financial responsibility for it, a story in The Journal Times reads. Instead, the state will pick up much of the tab.

The city is funding the $700,000 reconstruction of Taylor Avenue between West Blvd. and 21st Street, and will also take up a portion of DeKoven Avenue between Hickory Grove Avenue and South Memorial Drive and 12th Street between Washington Avenue and Valley Drive (in front of Park High School).

City Engineer John Rooney told the newspaper that Ohio, Taylor and DeKoven are total reconstruction projects and will mean road closures and, we’re sure, the usual travel headaches.

“We’re going to completely remove and rebuild those,” Rooney is quoted as saying. “Those will shut down the roads completely.”