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Just when you thought things were quiet in Caledonia, the rumblings of development have begun to churn again.

Ehlers, the village’s financial consultant, is working up possible options for a tax incremental finance district. But this development would likely take place along Highway K, west of Franksville. Village officials would like to develop all the way out to Interstate 94, but that will likely prove to be cost prohibitive since there isn’t any water or sewer service to support it.

Village board member Tom Weatherston said officials with the Racine County Economic Development Corporation have urged the village to look at getting sewer and water out to the area. But Weatherston wouldn’t confirm whether there was an impending developer interested in the project.

“We are still determining where we might run sewer and water out to,” he said.

The village could run water and sewer out along Highway K from Highway H to about halfway to Highway V, but any further development past that would likely require additional infrastructure.

One way to pay for a potential development is to finance it through a tif district.

A TIF district is a development tool municipalities can use to attract business. The way it works is that a financing district is created and a base value of that district is established by the taxing jurisdictions. The increased value of the property is still charged at the base rate, but the district uses the increased tax revenue to pay for the infrastructure projects.

This means those taxing entities (Village, County, Racine Unified and Gateway) still receive the same amount of tax revenue before the district was created, but the increased tax revenue pays for the infrastructure costs over a 27-year period.

The village has two tif districts, but neither of them include land along Highway K between Franksville and Interstate 94.

The village is looking at possibly expanding the existing tif district that includes South Hills Country Club to include development along Highway K and Highway V, join the South Hills tif up with the tif district out at the Caledonia Business Park on Nicholson Road and make one large tif district, or expand the Business Park tif district to include the development along Highway K.

Bob Bradley, the village president, said Ehlers will likely present the plans on the tif district sometime in February.

But village board member Kevin Wangaard said any tif district plan would also require approval from the Community Development Authority.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.

4 replies on “Caledonia Mulls Expansion Plans In Franksville”

  1. Water/sewer service expansion was discussed late last year at several meetings. Where do those plans stand and do they incorporate the areas discussed above?

    1. Ehlers is putting together the options for the tif. My gut feeling is that they wouldn’t be moving forward if a developer wasn’t waiting in the wings, but I’ve got a few more sources that I can work on this. Chances are that the board and cda will decide on some sort of plan for the infrastructure/tif formation then announce who is coming to town.

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