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A woman who had her cell phone stolen while shopping at Pick’n Save got it back from the person who bought it off of Craig’s List.

Mount Pleasant police say a woman was shopping Dec. 20 at Pick’n Save, 2820 S Green Bay Rd., and, when she loaded her grocering into her car, noticed her cell phone was missing. Believing she left it in the cart, she went back inside the store but couldn’t find it.

On Jan. 4, the woman’s husband received a call from someone who said his number was in a contacts list on phone she’d purchased off of Craig’s List. When the man told her his wife’s phone was missing, the woman said when she purchased the phone she suspected it was stolen.

At the time of the sale, MPPD Sgt. Eric Relich said the man conducting the sale was reported wearing a Pick’n Save uniform.

The woman returned the phone to the victim and provided enough information to police for them to arrest James A. Day, 20. He was issued a municipal citation for taking and selling the cell phone and then released from custody.

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