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Anna Marie Clausen


After attending village board meetings for over a year and getting familiar with how Mount Pleasant government works, Anna Marie Clausen decided it was time to run for a seat on the board.

“I’ve been going to the meetings for over a year and I felt I could possibly make a contribution; particularly with communication,” she said. “I’m hoping to improve communication between the board members and the board to the village residents.”

Specifically, Clausen said transparency is key and also that residents have access to information.

“I guess transparency speaks to communication, so the community gets all the pertinent information about issues that come up,” she added.

This is Clausen’s first run at public office.

Clausen also said she’s interested in keeping village expenses within the margins of the approved budget and controlling expenses as well.

Editor’s note: Our coverage of the April 2014 election begins with each candidate for village board explaining why they are running for a seat in their village. As we get closer to the election, we will post weekly questions with the candidates’ answers in their own words.