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There are more jobs coming to the metro-Racine area over the next three years.

Industrial water treatment manufacturer Marlo, Inc., 2227 South St., is building an addition on its facility and will create 43 new positions over the next three years, according to a story in the Milwaukee Business Journal.

Marlo currently has 32,000 square feet and will expand to 58,000 square feet after the 26,000 square foot addition is completed.

“We are proud of our 40 years as part of the local economy. We hire Racine residents and we support Racine suppliers,” company President Michael Glines is quoted as saying. “We are excited to begin our next phase of growth here in our hometown. We consider this addition to be an investment in the future.”

There are 58 current employees, and Glines said the company did $20 million in sales last year.