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Over the last 10 years, Sturtevant Trustee Gary Johnson has served on or chaired nearly every village committee, and he’s running for a sixth term in order to keep serving.

“It’s important to me to be part of setting a course of action to keep Sturtevant financially stable for years to come,” he said.

Johnson is also looking forward to the village’s tax incremental financing district (TID) closing in 2016 so Sturtevant property owners see some tax relief.

A TID is a special growth tool that allows municipalities to establish a development area and use the property taxes generated there to pay back the loans used to put in necessary infrastructure like sewer, water and roads. After the loans are paid back in full, properties in the TID are added to the tax roll and those taxes then become part of the regular expected tax revenue.

In Sturtevant, the TID includes the Renaissance Business Park and also the new United Natural Foods, Inc. building at the southwest corner of Highways 11 and H.

“We need to keep on track to close the TID and disperse to taxpayers who have invested their time and money through tax dollars,” he said.

Only three candidates returned nomination papers; incumbents Johnson and Jayme Hoffman, and former Trustee Daryl Lynaugh. Trustee Linda Busha has served on the board since 2005 and announced last month that she wouldn’t run for a sixth term.

The general election is April 1.