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Daryl Lynaugh


Former Sturtevant Trustee Daryl Lynaugh is running to regain his seat because not only does he enjoy serving on the board but he feels like he has a lot to offer the village.

“I have served the village on a variety of committee since 1994 and spent six years as a trustee so I feel like I have a lot of experience to offer,” he said.

Lynaugh lost his seat on the board to Trustee Jayme Hoffman and ran unsuccessfully for both president and trustee in 2013. Instead of just biding his time until the next election, though, Lynaugh continued as a member of the Sturtevant Planning Commission and volunteering for the Sturtevant Fireworks committee.

“I enjoy being on the board and participating in village events,” he added. “I think I could help more with planning community development and use my experience as a veteran board and committee member to help Sturtevant succeed for years to come.”

Only three candidates returned nomination papers; incumbents Gary Johnson and Jayme Hoffman, and former Trustee Lynaugh. Trustee Linda Busha has served on the board since 2005 and announced last month that she wouldn’t run for a sixth term.

The general election is April 1.