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Brittney Booker

**Updated 3:15 p.m. Feb. 18

The young mother Mount Pleasant police say left her children alone in an unlocked house to serve as prostitute to pay her rent will be out of jail Tuesday.

Brittney Booker was assigned a $750 signature bond during her initial appearance Tuesday. She was originally scheduled to be charged Monday, but her appearance was postponed until Tuesday because a defendant with a similar name was brought to court instead.

Booker was formally charged in Racine County Circuit Court with two felony counts of child abandonment, two felony counts of second-degree child endangerment, two misdemeanor counts of obstruction and one misdemeanor count of prostitution. If convicted, she faces over 42 years in jail and/or up to $135,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint, officers with the Racine County Human Trafficking Task Force Saturday looked into prostitution taking place at the Super 8 Motel on Oakes Road in Mount Pleasant. An investigator responded to an online ad for a female escort and was told the woman would perform sex acts for $200.

When police arrived at the motel room at the designated time, they say they confirmed with the young woman – later identified as Booker – that she was the escort and then took her into custody. At first, Booker tried to give a different name but was positively ID’d through state Department of Transportation records.

After being transported to the Mount Pleasant Police Department, Booker said that she took out the ad to help her pay her rent when she didn’t receive her rent assistance check for the month. The ad cost $3 and was illustrated using stock photos from the Internet, the complaint reads.

During questioning, officers say Booker asked them to look in on her children, ages two and five, because they were at her home with someone she didn’t trust. But, the address Booker provided was bogus, and she finally gave the correct address after admitting the kids were home alone sleeping on the couch, and the door was unlocked.

Police did locate the children in a home with an unlocked door, and they were sleeping on the couch. According to her complaint, “the residence was filthy and the children smelled unclean.”

Booker will next be in court March 5 for her preliminary hearing.

2 replies on “Update: $750 Signature Bond for Mom Facing Prostitution, Child Neglect Charges”

  1. Is it a rule in Wisconsin that everyone must be afforded bail? I don’t think I have ever seen a single case where there was no bail.

    1. Bail is not a right afforded to anyone. Rather the Constitution protects against excessive bail. Everyone has a bail set and there are many types of bail. Ms. Booker received a signature bond in the amount of $750 meaning that at the time of signing she did not have to put up any money for release, rather she gave her signature as a promise to abide by the conditions of her bond and if she failed to abide by them she would then have to pay.

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