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Funding road maintenance through a toll system is back on the table, and both Reps. Peter Barca and Robin Vos support the idea.

Barca, D-Somers, and Vos, R-Burlington, are looking for alternatives to raising the gas tax, but Vos told The Journal Times he doesn’t think a toll system is realistically on Wisconsin’s horizon anytime soon.

Because nearly 80 percent of the state’s transportation funds come from a gas tax, Vos said representatives need to look at other revenue sources to maintain the state’s roadways.

“As a Republican I don’t stand up saying ‘it’s great we’re going to raise fees,’” Vos is quoted as saying. “But I do believe people should pay for what they use.”

Barca pointed out that with vehicles becoming more energy efficient, the state will collect fewer taxes in the coming years so alternatives need to be discussed and planned now.

This winter has wreaked havoc on area roadways – locally and along interstates like I-94, which gets some of the heaviest traffic in the state – putting a renewed emphasis on road repair and maintenance.

Do you think Wisconsin needs a toll system?

3 replies on “Are Toll Roads the Answer to Roads Funding?”

  1. Tolls on what part(s) of the highway? I don’t think tolls are particularly attractive many businesses and I would hope they would not be focused on 1 particular area. They have built in costs with upkeep as well. Also, I wouldn’t exactly by looking to our neighbors to the south as good examples of revenue generating strategies. I have heard their roads are horrible. This is a particularly harsh year for the roads-my can is a testament to that! But then we have a surplus other years and it gets “re-distributed”, not saved for it’s intended purpose. the City of Milwaukee has a wheel tax for roads. Where is that money? Their potholes could provide shelter for a family of 4.

  2. A toll road system would ruin the development the communities along the 1-94 corridor are trying to build. If someone would have to pay to get off at Hwy 11, or their employees, or the vendors or truck lines that serve the communities and the businesses in them would they be less likely to look at the area? We have seen many businesses leave Illinois for Wisconsin for a better fee and tax climate. Why should we now discourage that by joining what does not work to the south. I believe the State needs to look at alternate funding, but a toll road is not the answer. I expect better from Robin Vos. Add this bad idea to the Rec Fee increase from the City and you have all development being killed from within.

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