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ctMSRghnWDmaijV-556x313-noPadWith the freezing and thawing we’ve had, the roads are taking a beating in Racine County. You told us about  the areas with the most trouble.

Jack Feiner Yeah, Four Mile Rd is terrible there. I’ve heard Hwy K is real bad west of the interstate.

Naida Smith-Keech 16th st by 31. It’s so bad you need a sports bra to keep your girls in place!!

Janell Smith Ohio street by shopko ….omg!!!!!

Tracy Pichelman Turning onto 16th off green bay is a bouncy ride too.

Justin Hankins Yeah, the big pot hole in the right turn lane heading East on Washington to turn South on Ohio is huge. Really hope no one has popped a tire on that one.

Jodi Skorstad-Sobieski Hwy 45 south of Olson rd all the way to hwy 20.

Doug Lossman Jr Hwy 11 west of union grove

William Bojar Hwy 20 from Waterford to Racine sucks! In addition to outrageous heating costs, now I get to look forward to higher car repair bills.

Jeremy R. Malom That’s pretty much every road in Racine county right now, they must get a cut from the shock and strut manufacturing companies.

Nicholas Raymond Ohio st, the block infront of starbuck middle school is probably the worst I’ve driven on.

Dianna M Ruhl Taylor ave from Lathrop ave all the way to Braun Road is basically undrivable.. its bad.

Jared Harris The right lane of MM southbound was terrible for weeks, until they finally closed it for repairs earlier this week. Spring from H to 94 is a rough ride as well, especially with the 50mph speed limit. Definitely concerned with the condition of the roads for when the weather is decent enough to bring the motorcycle out, riders have enough to worry about without adding yet another constant danger

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.