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Caledonia Police logoAfter a Racine man received his 26th citation for driving with a suspended license from the Caledonia Police Department earlier this week, we posed the question: should the state Legislature take up this issue and make this law tougher?

Here’s what you had to say on Facebook:

Secular Skeptic Steven: “I see two groups out there…Group 1) The people that actually have demonstrated that they can’t be responsible behind the wheel such as drunk drivers and people who have gone over the 12 points per year. Group 2) Those who have their license suspended because they couldn’t afford to pay a ticket. This group can easily snowball into repeated suspended driving tickets because they can’t afford to pay their tickets, but they have to get to work to make money to support themselves(probably at a crap paying job with minimal benefits). They choose to drive to work, get stopped by the police, and they get another ticket for driving suspended.  Group 2 has only demonstrated that they are likely poor and/or made a few bad financial decisions. In my opinion, only group 1 should have the book thrown at them.”

Secular Skeptic Steven “I’m all in favor of making sure those in group 2 are penalized through.. community service, tax return interception, perhaps a few days in jail… but to suspend someones license because they are broke, and to make it hard for them to get to work just creates a cycle that’s hard for some people to break.”

Jane Smith Bach “My question is why do they let them register cars? Is it all a money making thing? I never could figure that out. Cant drive no tags for your car.”

Secular Skeptic Steven “Because a car gets registered in the owners name. An adult can own a car without a license and let their licensed children drive it. (you also can’t register a car in your name until you are a legal adult).”

Jaymie Gister “Definitely! My children and I were hit by an unlicensed driver. My son is permanently disabled, both physically and cognitively due to his tbi. Just in awe at the dismissive attitudes.”

Josh Schimek “It’s ironic in that most of the people who are driving on suspended licenses (which is more than likely a financial decision) are the same people who will complain and accuse others of not paying their “fair share” in fees/taxes for use of the public infrastructure. Sorry, but if you don’t pay, then you shouldn’t be allowed to play, as it’s fundamentally unfair to those who are paying, as they’re forced to pay more to make up for the free rider’s lack of contribution. It’s $34 for 8 years – if you can’t swing that, then there’s something seriously wrong with your financial habits that need to be remedied immediately, even if it’s via a rude awaking due to a stiffer penalty…”

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.