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Help Wanted

Leaders at St. Patrick Parish are looking for a new Executive Director for the educational program at the John XXIII Educational Center.

Here’s the job announcement:

St. Patrick Parish, Racine, is looking for an Executive Director to oversee the educational program of the John XXIII Educational Center.

Required experience includes:  higher education beyond a high school diploma, effective interpersonal communication skills, including written, verbal and social, organized planning and comfort in working with people with diverse backgrounds.

A desirable skill is fluency in Spanish. Position is full time with flexible hours. Compensation is negotiable and benefits are provided. The starting date is July1, 2014.

By April 15 please provide a letter of intent, resume, and a completed application to:

Or, mail materials to:

John XXIII Educational Center c/o Claire Wagner
1101 Douglas Avenue
Racine, WI  53402