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A little girl in Racine needs our help getting a bike so she can continue expanding her world.

Beatrice Ostrowski is a bright two-year-old born with a form of hydrocephalus that may be effecting her ability to learn to walk, but her condition certainly does nothing to dampen her spirit.

“She’s just so happy and joyful,” Laura, her mom, said. “She smiles at everyone and has a hug ready for anyone.”

Hydrocephalus, in it’s simplest term, means too much cerebrospinal fluid on the brain. Laura said Beatrice’s is not severe, but she suspects the reason Beatrice isn’t walking and has trouble with her muscles is because of her hydrocephalus. Medical tests have thus far proven inconclusive, Laura added.

Receiving an Ambucs bike from the annual Great Bike Giveaway from The Friendship Circle would go a long way in improving Beatrice’s mobility.

Started by the parents of a girl with cerebral palsy, the bike giveaway provides “special bikes for special kids,” helping children with physical limitations gain independence and the ability to participate in the activities all kids enjoy.

In order to receive a bike children are nominated, and the more nominations they receive, the closer they get to receiving a bike. Donations can also help deliver bikes; the more money the organization receives, the more bikes can be delivered to the children who need them.

Laura said she learned about the contest through social media and immediately posted Beatrice’s photo and a brief description of the little girl. Currently, Laura uses a stroller with Beatrice to get out and about but notes that Beatrice is not a baby any more and is ready to graduate to something a little more big-girl appropriate.

“She’s so curious about everything, and this bike would help keep opening her world,” Laura said. “Beatrice is really smart – I know every parent says that – but she’s going to accomplish so much, and this bike will help.”

The last day to nominate her is 11:59 a.m. March 25.

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