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Mount Pleasant April 2014 Election

Two new Mount Pleasant board members will be sworn in later this month after results Tuesday revealed that only one incumbent survived the April election.

Trustee Gary Feest was the only current trustee to retain his seat.

“I kind of figured this would be the result with low voter turnout and not really any pressing issues,” he said. “It’s nice to know there are still voters in Mount Pleasant who appreciate what I’m advocating for.”

Here’s how the votes shake out:

  • Anna Marie Clausen – 1,496
  • Rick McCluskey – 1,217
  • Gary Feest – 933
  • Jerry Garski – 898
  • Don Schulz – 709

Turnout overall was as low in Mount Pleasant as it was in other communities in eastern Racine County.

When it comes to the Racine Unified Board of Education, voters again sided with incumbents:

  • Melvin Hargrove – 1,135
  • Dennis Wiser 1,146
  • Pamala Handrow 1,011
  • Thomas Fineran – 569
  • Jacqueline Pinager – 695
  • Wally Rendon – 901
  • Henry Perez – 734

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