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Congressional hopeful Jeremy Ryan
Republican hopeful Jeremy Ryan was in Racine Friday to bolster support both for legalizing marijuana and to get his name on the ballot for an August primary against Rep. Paul Ryan. Jeremy, 25, said he supports legalizing marijuana because the pursuit and prosecution of pot-related crimes is a waste of taxpayer money.
“Think about how much money is being wasted, and then think about how those funds could go for other things,” he said.
Signature drive to legalize marijuana
During the 10 minutes Racine County Eye spoke with Jeremy Ryan and Mary Jo Walters Friday, no less than a dozen cars pulled over to sign both the petition to legalize marijuana and the candidate hopefuls’ nomination papers.
Mary Jo Walters
Democratic Lt. Governor hopeful Mary Jo Walters, of Madison, said she’s running against state Sen. John Lehman, D-Racine, because there aren’t enough issues being discussed. To focus more tightly on her message, Walters said she wants voters to consider:
1. Rebuilding the state Department of Natural Resources to curb the growing frak sand mining zone.
2. Affordable housing because “it’s a statewide crisis,” she said.
3. Legalizing marijuana to better regulate it for medical use and reduce spending on jailing non-violent offenders.
Legalize marijuana
Congressional candidate hopeful Jeremy Ryan (r) said he’s used to people scoffing at him for wanting to challenge Rep. Paul Ryan for his seat in Congress, but he advises people to “wait and see.”
“Getting on the ballot forces discussion on the issues,” he said. “It will also force him to spend lots of money differentiating himself from me because we have the same last name.”


Candidate hopefuls Jeremy Ryan and Mary Jo Walter stood on the corner of Washington and Perry Avenues Friday with large, green signs declaring their support of legalized marijuana. They were there to collect signatures from supporters for legalizing marijuana as well as to gather the required number of signatures to get their names on the ballot for the August primaries.

Jeremy, who said he is a Republican running against Rep. Paul Ryan for his seat in the First Congressional District of Wisconsin, is more well known for leading Democratic protests during the recall elections against Republican Gov. Scott Walker. He was also the executive director of Defending Wisconsin PAC, a group that actively took part in the recall elections.

Walters wants to challenge Democratic state Sen. John Lehman for the spot on the ballot come November to be the next Lt. Governor.