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10322725_10203441062363261_5692855780090707874_nA number of people who know Debra Gray, the owner of Orphaned Kanines, are expressing shock while others are defending her no-kill animal shelter.
Caledonia Police seized 85 animals between the shelter, Gray’s home on Main Street and a home on College Avenue.
Mary Pratt, a veterinarian, wrote a lengthy post on Orphaned Kanines’ Facebook page defending Gray.
Here’s an excerpt:
To all of you pointing fingers and getting your ropes ready to string Debbie up from the nearest light pole lets get at least a little information out. First let’s talk about photographs. I don’t suppose any of those News individuals wanted to take a picture of the kennels that had already been cleaned (why would they do that…it’s much more sensational to take pictures of bad stuff)….this started at about 6 am for those of you curious enough to ask. Dogs barking when people are walking around the kennel?
Who ever heard of dogs barking at people. Really, how unusual. And there ARE other things to take pictures of. How about taking a picture of Debbie writing a check for $1500.00 out of her own account to pay for the emergency C-section and put that one next to the picture taken at 2am tube feeding the only surviving puppy. Another nice one would be of the dogs tied to the fence when she gets there early in the morning….here take them, we don’t want them anymore.
Julia Schwalbach No wonder they wouldn’t let my daughter and I go in to volunteer she asked several times to volunteer for a credit she needed for school and she would always meet us in the street and never let us near the door with our donations ..she wouldn’t allow any help with the Animals either only took donations .so very sad..she would make excuses.finally my 17 year old quit asking to help her
A friend of Gray’s said she was angry with her, that she never volunteered at the shelter but had rescued two of Gray’s dogs. The woman said she fostered a third dog, but she had to bring the dog back to the shelter because Gray said she found a home for the dog.
 But while looking at the photos of the dogs on the website, the woman discovered they were still in the shelter when the dogs were being seized today. Gray also told the woman last month that she wasn’t keeping many dogs at the shelter.
Jamie Schmaling She offered services as well. And the animals were not neglected. She took on cats, which is where the ammonia came from which is why she was getting rid of them. Also I am willing to go on the record about the business if interested.
Alice Murray: It was a day last week, I believe, on my way home from school. Debbie brought Monty out back to the grassy area so I meet him and interact with him. He seemed very happy and healthy and was well behaved in his interactions with me. I support Debbie. She has invested a lot of her personal funds for vet care and training. Whatever the dogs need, she makes sure it happens. I have fostered dogs for her in the past and she always responded to requests and concerns that I had. Over and above what she really needed to do, in my experience.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.

2 replies on “Volunteers Speak Out About Orphaned Kanines Owner”

  1. Where were all her “supporters” when it came time to help out and clean kennels, walk and socialize dogs, etc. i guess it was easier to turn their backs on their ” friend” and most importantly the animals. Anyone who lets animals live in filth to the point that they have skin issues, sore pads from walking in urine and feces, and respiratory issues caused by the ammonia because of the overwhelming amount of waste, should be prosecuted to the full extent of,the law. This was animal cruelty and neglect and all of you who knew about this and did NOTHING are as morally responsible as she is. I can it believe the excuses people are making. She was “too proud” to tak for help? Really. If she really cared for those animals her pride would have taken back seat to their welfare. She didn’t believe in euthanizing any animal? No, better to gave them live in misery and suffer horribly for years.

    1. AMEN Karen Hermansen!! I cant believe comments of supporters of this woman! They are just as guilty if they knew and didnt help these poor animals! Lock her up for good!

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