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Photo credit: State Department of Transportation/Wisconsin State Patrol

Wisconsin State Patrol has been monitoring state roadways from the air for decades, but with the growing popularity of social media, troopers are hoping to get drivers to slow down.

Specifically, State Patrol is posting on Twitter when and where they’ll be, according to a story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

State Patrol uses the state Department of Transportation’s Twitter account,¬†@WisconsinDOT. Recently, they alerted drivers to aerial enforcement in Kenosha County, the story reads. “#StatePatrol aircraft looking for speeders on #I94 in #KenoshaCounty late morning/afternoon, weather permitting. #SlowDown!”

More, bright pink signs that say “Air Enforcement Zone” are placed strategically to warn travelers that the area is being monitored from above. The goal isn’t to issue as many tickets as possible, though. Troopers say they’d rather people just slow down.

Trooper Kyle Amlong told the newspaper he has responded to too many fatal accidents caused by speeding, and he hopes more drivers become a little more aware.

“If you don’t see it because you’re not paying attention and speeding, then so be it. Those are the ones we’re talking to,” he is quoted as saying.

State Patrol has six pilots who fly three planes based out of Madison, Green Bay and Eau Claire that are equipped with¬†VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder) in the plane’s control panel.

The surveillance program is paid for with federal grants. Last year, troopers recorded the following:

  • 2,040 traffic stops
  • 1,306 speeding tickets
  • 51 tickets for failing to fasten seat belts
  • 9 child safety restraint violations.
  • 8 criminal drug arrests
  • 5 arrests on warrants