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Photo credit: Racine County Sheriff


Debra Gray, owner of Orphaned Kanines, was assigned a $5,000 cash bond Friday during a probable cause hearing on charges of mistreating animals and failing to provide proper shelter to nearly 100 animals rescued Thursday from her shelter and two different houses.

Gray’s initial appearance was postponed until Monday, and she was ordered to surrender all the animals seized as part of the search warrants obtained by both the Caledonia and Racine police departments. If she posts bond, she is prohibited from owning any animals.

According to the probably cause statement, Caledonia officers received a complaint from the Caledonia Fire Department Thursday morning after Gray refused department personnel entrance to Orphaned Kanines for a routine fire inspection.

Officers obtained a search warrant for the shelter, 1922 Kremer Avenue, and discovered dozens of dogs, 10 cats and a pig living in deplorable conditions. Two additional search warrants were also served on Gray’s residence in the 4000 block of Main Street and another house in the 1000 block of College Avenue.

Caledonia police Lt. Gary Larsen said conditions at the house on Main Street were just as bad as what officers found at Orphaned Kanines.

Racine police Sgt. Jessie Metoyer confirmed that a “handful of dogs and a couple of cats” were taken from the home on College Avenue.

“The conditions at the home were not poor like that of the Caledonia locations,” she said in an email.

Gray’s family told The Journal Times Friday after her court appearance that those animals belonged to the family and were not boarded animals up for adoption.

Right now, Gray is facing misdemeanor charges, but Assistant District Attorney Randy Schneider said that could change since one of the dogs found at Orphaned Kanines may be so ill it will have to be euthanized, the story reads.

“One of the dogs may have to be put down,” he is quoted as saying. If that happens, Gray could face a felony charge for that dog’s death.

Gray’s daughter, Ravann LaCuran, told reporters that her mother did the best she could and had helped at least 1,000 dogs find new homes over the years.

Orphaned Kanines was not properly licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, another story in The Journal Times reads.

Records show that Gray applied for a license in 2012, but the department said the shelter didn’t meet requirements and directed Gray to re-home the dogs in her care.

Gray remains in the Racine County Jail as of Friday evening. Her initial appearance is set for Monday.

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  1. I think the owner should do prison time, a big fine and made to live in the same conditions as the animals did!!!!!!

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