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Racine Police Department

During the early morning hours of Saturday May 31st a member of our community was killed as a result of a brutal and senseless act of violence. In publically responding to this tragedy, I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Walker, the victim in this case. I would like to assure the bereaved family and the public at large that the members of the Racine Police Department have been working around the clock to solve this tragic homicide.

Due to the recent surge in convenience store and tavern robberies, a great deal of police resources were dedicated towards this problem prior to this tragedy. Through the active engagement and support of members of the Racine Tavern League, and through focused police activity and investigative effort, within the past two weeks, four commercial robbery suspects have been taken into custody (three involving local tavern robberies and one suspect involved in a series of convenience store robberies).

Additionally, a number of robberies were prevented, and multiple firearms were removed from the streets. The recent tragedy however underscores the reality that, in spite of recent arrests, more effort is required, as the most violent suspects remain at-large at this time.

Since January of 2013, three homicides occurred in the City of Racine. Prior to the most recent tragedy, the two previous events were quickly resolved through the diligent work of dedicated police officers and investigators and through the support of area residents. Inasmuch as cooperation from the public was instrumental in quickly solving the referenced cases, we look to the public for assistance in this case as well.

Anyone who has information regarding this homicide is strongly encouraged to contact the Racine Police Department investigative division immediately.

In speaking directly to the individuals involved in this incident, one of you acted against all of us when you senselessly took a man’s life because you couldn’t take money you didn’t earn. When you are caught, you will face charges in accordance with your actions. As for the others involved, you each have a choice at this time. For the best outcome, I encourage you to turn yourself(s) in. You owe this much to Mr. Walker’s family. You can’t restore this innocent victim’s life; however, you can bring a small measure of closure to his family.

Our community will not rest until this homicide is solved and those involved are punished to fullest extent of the law.

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