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Photo credit: Wisconsin Humane Society

The dogs seized last week in Caledonia are moving to the former Central Bark location at Regency Mall, and Humane Society officials are saying it is somewhat of a miracle.

In a letter posted to their Facebook page, the Wisconsin Humane Society thanked Regency Mall for moving so quickly to secure space where staff and an army of volunteers are working almost around the clock to care for the dozens of dogs rescued from filthy conditions.

“We needed short-term space and you somehow made an occupancy agreement happen nearly overnight. We are so grateful to your staff for understanding the urgency of our situation,” the message reads.

WHS will hold a press briefing at the former Central Bark doggie day care, 5326 Durand Avenue. In a press release they describe the building as “spacious,” properly ventilated and with enough room so the dogs get the exercise they need.

In addition to Regency Mall, WHS also thanks Greater Racine Kennel Club Page – GRKC Page for being “guardian angels;” Mechanical Associates of Wisconsin for “(their) quick work (for) a safer place for the animals;” and ServiceMaster for taking $500 off after cleaning the new building “top to bottom.”

The release also says that nearly every dog was in need of medical attention, and some of the puppies have lung infections that require x-rays to determine the severity of their condition. Other animals are being treated for “ear and eye infections, glaucoma, topical wounds, fleas, dental disease and paw injuries from standing in urine and feces.”

One dog was treated for pyometra – a uterine infection that would have been fatal if not treated – and another was diagnosed with a serious heart murmur.

Community members are asking about adopting the dogs, but WHS said that will be a while coming. The animals’ health needs and concerns need to be addressed, of course, and despite Orphaned Kanines owner Debra Gray giving up all ownership rights to the dogs, the Humane Society wants to be sure there aren’t any potential claims of ownership.

“We understand that the owner of Orphan Kanines has relinquished the animals as of Monday afternoon, which is a great step toward WHS being able to put the animals up for adoption. Because the owner may have been offering boarding services, we want to do as much as we can to resolve potential claims of ownership before dogs are made available for adoption,” a statement reads. “The dogs are getting top notch care and extra TLC from our staff and volunteers. Thank you so much for the inquiries about adopting – we know we’ll find incredibly loving families for these sweet souls. We will be sure to update you when they are ready to be adopted.”

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