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1sr_1389125817_1389125817Kenosha-based Festival Foods is moving into the former Sentry and expanding the space, which would bring the grocery store count up to four near the Washington Ave. and Green Bay Road intersection.

Representatives submitted site plans to the Village of Mount Pleasant Friday that include moving into the vacant space that anchors the strip center, 5500 Washington Avenue, opposite the Kohl’s department store.

But we wanted to find out what you thought. Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Bethany DeMark Zimpel I like the Piggly Wiggly and hope this doesn’t hurt them. I don’t care about WalMart going under but Piggly Wiggly on Washington does so much for our community and has competitive pricing.

Dawn Bontempo I hope this is true! Actual competition for Pick-N-Save…and Festival usually has better deals!

Laurie Giese Great, because there aren’t enough grocery stores in that area now.

Sara Paskiewicz DiVito I love festival foods so excited about this.,

Michael Anton That is really good news, I have traveled to the keno one~ it’s different from stores around here kinda neat that you can go up the stairs and eat a meal if you want and what they have to offer is different, so my shopping will be be between festival foods and two of the piggy wiggly’ s

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