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Sharon Pauer is a woman on the move. At nearly 70 years young, she recently competed in the 4-mile competitive race at Lighthouse Run 2014 and came in second place in her age division.

Even better, she outpaced her grandchildren.

“I’ve walked with her throughout my life and am almost always a quarter-mile behind her except for the rare times she stops to wait for me,” said Shila Gaudes, one of Pauer’s grandkids.

That Pauer is able to participate is remarkable. Gaudes said she hasn’t been in the best health. In addition to suffering a heart attack, Pauer also contends with heart disease, but Gaudes said that doesn’t slow her grandmother down.

“Usually she has her grandkids dragging behind her, including me!” she added. “She has Lady Gaga or something similar blaring on her iPhone, but on the rare occasions an old song will come through, I know every word.”

Gaudes said she wanted us to know about Pauer because of how proud the family is of her.

“We are all very proud of her and think she deserves some recognition,” she said.