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Hobby Lobby

When the U.S. Supreme Court Monday ruled that employers cannot be forced to cover forms of birth control that might violate leaders’ religious beliefs, social media lit up with conversations for both sides of the decision.

In a nutshell, 50 companies – include Hobby Lobby which has a store location at 2406 S. Green Bay Road – sued over the requirement under Obamacare that requires businesses to cover contraceptives for free. Hobby Lobby and one other company specifically don’t want to cover any methods that interfere with a fertilized egg, according to a story from the Associated Press.

On Monday, SCOTUS sided with employers like Hobby Lobby. The Obama Administration said it would try to work with Congress on a legislative answer instead.

But we want to know … does the stance of Hobby Lobby’s leaders and/or the Supreme Court’s decision affect whether or not you’ll shop there or if you would fill out a job application there?