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The Racine County Jail has an upgraded video visiting system that will now allow families to visit with loved ones without leaving home, but there is cost involved.

Racine County Sheriff Chris Schmaling made the announcement Friday.

“With this new technology, more citizens who may not have the means or the physical capability to come to the jail will now be able to visit on line with someone currently staying at the Racine County Jail,” he said.

The technology can also be used by attorneys, counselors and members of the clergy, the release reads.

Anyone interested in taking advantage of this upgrade can visit to be sure they have the right equipment and to register for video visitation. The Securus site includes a call calculator so users can get an estimate for their video call before they make it. Charges include a $3.50 connection fee and a per-minute charge that takes into account where the caller is located, where the inmate is housed and the time of day the call takes place.

Racine County Eye used an example that cost $5 for a 15 minute call from a location in the City of Racine to the Racine County Jail. The per minute charge was listed as 10 cents plus the $3.50 connection charge.

Video visitation from the video visitation room of the jail is still available and still free. Visitors can register for this service either in lobby of the Law Enforcement Center or through the Main Street entrance to the jail.