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10599156_615387078580916_1441671188400079005_nSo my partner in running this website, Heather Asiyanbi, and I were talking the other day about how much crime we’re writing… and literally we’re scratching the surface folks. But sometimes things get pretty heavy, even for us.

And lately the criminal complaints coming from the Racine County DA’s office comes in “batches” of two or three emails.

Some nights, it all gets a little heavy. And we know that if we’re tired of writing it, you are probably tired of reading it. So we thought we’d check in with you and see what was going on in your lives that was positive and of course, you didn’t disappoint us.

But we thought you could use some good news. Here’s what you said. Enjoy!

Denise Lockwood

Erika Minna Weitkuhn My son is healing nicely from his surgery. He will soon have normal feet & knees. With physical therapy, he will soon be able to walk without pain. 

Christina Andersen There has been a lot of bad news or sad news lately. . But I know when I get out of work I’m going home to my children who always put a smile on my face.. everyday I drive up to the start of the driveway and my son runs out, I slide my seat back he jumps in on my lap and we both drive up the driveway together. Little things like that, if even for a moment take away any of the stress.

Kimberly Mccarthy Lagroone My son who is 21 and a graduate of Horlick just had his first exhibit in a Milwaukee art gallery. There are some young people doing great and positive things.

Katie Uszler Root River Rollers are hosting a recruitment event on August 22 @ 7pm at McAuliffe’s South.  Get healthy and down and derby with an awesome bunch of women.

Amanda Aebly DeSonia The Racine community will benefit from a donation from Norwex. Our company awards donations to small local organization nominated by the sales consultants on our team.
Faith Hope and Love (you’ve done a piece on them before) received $7500 from our company.

Terri Lynn Burns-Miranda I ate smores!!™

Vanessa Behrens Murray I think the Ice Bucket Challenge is a great thing going on to help those with ALS. I love how so many famous people are participating.

Duane Michalski The Brewers are STILL in first place!!!

St Rita Festival-Racine St Rita Family Festival 8/15-17 

Vanessa Hetland Hetchler I have lost 15 lbs since may 20th

Eileen Reed Geisler This is my Racine gal doing what she loves..Check out this blog!…

Melissa Young Schroeder Football season has started! And my 8 year old is adorable in full gear.

Michele Brown Totally agree!! There have been way too many accidents and tragedies this past few weeks. Thank you for helping to highlight some of the good things!!!

Janae Abegglen Sasman It’s not below zero and I’m on the road to recovery from adrenal fatigue 

Michelle Dawn The unconditional love from a child.

Pete Sisak members of the Retro Racine facebook group had a great tour this morning!…/Spirit-of…/254035314732203 at the Racine Business Center on 16th Street

Candy Peterson KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN!!!!!! There is so much good out there!!! I like to focus on the people who are quietly putting out their hands to help up people in need. Not just financially, but who need a friend, a kind word, some encouraging words. I find this at the Hospitality Center. “You’ve got a friend.”

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.