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Sturtevant trustees will give a first reading Tuesday to an ordinance that could raise village sewer rates for the first time in two years.

Because sewer pipes from the village must in some areas run through Mount Pleasant to the City of Racine, Sturtevant residents – both commercial and homeowners – are directly effected by rate increases from neighboring utilities.

With a combined increase of about $44,000 from Mount Pleasant and Racine, trustees are expected to approve an $8 per quarter increase for residential, to $138, and a $220 per quarter increase for commercial/industrial customers, to $5,900.

If approved, the Oct. 1 bills will reflect the increase.

During the board meeting, trustees will also consider an ordinance for a referendum that will give board members the authority to exceed state-imposed levy limits for the purpose of helping fund maintenance and upkeep at village parks and to help pay for the annual fireworks festival.

Keeping Sturtevant’s parks in tip-top shape has always been a funding challenge when police, fire, roads and garbage pick-up take a more prominent place in the village budget. Master Gardener volunteers plant and tend to gardens in the parks and at Village Hall, and public works crews mow the grass and handle routine maintenance, but dedicated parks money to do more has been in short supply.

Trustee Daryl Lynaugh first raised the idea of a referendum a few days after the 4th of July in part because of how taxing it is to organize and raise the money – about $28,000 – every year with a small group of core volunteers.

Members of the Community Events, Beautification and Cultural Committee discussed these issues and agreed to move a referendum ordinance forward to the full board.

The Sturtevant Village Board meets at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Village Hall, 2801 89th Street. Call (262) 886-7200.