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 I am Jesse Booker, life long resident of Racine County, advocate for equality, leader of change, Editor in Chief of and TE for the Racine Threat.


Submitted by Jesse Booker

Don’t let the savvy veterans fool you.  If you put a microphone in their face and ask them about this weekend, they’ll tell you it’s just another game.  Nobody wants to give the team any “extra motivation” or “bulletin board material” so I’ll take it upon myself to do so.  History tells you the community feels otherwise. No other local semi pro games in the MIDWEST including championship games have anywhere near the same attendance as these games in Racine.  So if this is just another game, why will 5,000+  be in attendance to watch David take on Goliath?  They’ve now dubbed it the “Belle City Bowl” for good reason.  This game will determine who the King of the city is, at least for 2014.  Up until now, the Raiders have earned the right to wear that crown.  Just give me a moment to tell you why this weekend is different.

The Threat are no longer outcasts in their own city.  They’ve finally been welcomed to play at their own stadium in their own city for the first time since the Raiders joined the league.  It’s been a fight to share the spot light with “big brother” taking the lion’s share of the attention.  Sure, they’ve been around longer, they’ve won more national championships, they have more local history…. But what happens if they lose this weekend?  What happens if they come to Case, and in front of the same city that has only openly supported one team for the past 4 decades, they fail to be victorious? How will the players react? The coaches? The community?

For years this city has flaunted the history of the Raiders while turning a blind eye to the Threat.  1000+ fans every Saturday travel to Horlick to watch the Raiders play, the Threat net around 25% just down the road. Yet when the lights come on Saturday, the entire community comes to watch the underdog take on the establishment.  They come for the drama, for the what if’s.  Those filling the stands aren’t die hard football fans…. They’re average Joe’s who are coming to watch an absolute dog fight!! It’s the 7 o’clock slaughter Saturday night, and it’s 3 hours of drama, suspense, horror, heart break and victory all rolled into one.  People aren’t coming for football, they’re coming to watch two Titans fight to the death.  This isn’t David vs Goliath……. No, it’s the fight for what’s RIGHT. It’s an entire community associating with the struggle. The struggle to be seen.  The struggle to be heard.  The struggle to be equal!

The Threat aren’t satisfied with Equal.  They’ve gotten so much younger, faster, and dangerous, that three individuals who started the season off on their roster are now contributing for the Raiders.  Names? Connor Flannery, Tyler Elliott and Chris Hicks.  All good ball players, but no room for them on the Threat Roster.  So they’ve now gone to the other side.  Chris was just featured in the newspaper catching a 27 yd pass. Connor won offensive player of the week filling in for JR Taylor at RB and Tyler won Special Teams player of the week.  Take that in for a second…. The THREAT are so deep that 3 of the players who they let go are now making an impact for the Raiders. This is why the Threat that you seeSaturday night will be nothing like you’ve seen before.

DJ Brown now has more than enough weapons to pick apart a defense.  With Brian Mosley (Horlick), Ricardo Williams (IL), DJ Smith (St Cats), Steve Dawson (who came from Georgia to play), Dee Dee Butler (IL), Troy Collier (Racine Case) and Cam White (Antioch, IL) at his skill positions, defenses can not key on just one individual.  Coach Meteyard has taken full advantage of his fire power on offense and unleashed a spread offense that many defenses just can’t compete with.  Their defense is anchored by a stingy front 7 that includes Anton Graham, Cornelius Evans , Emery Coleman, Mike Zold, Darius Nunn, Orlando Kilpatrick and Aaron Hilliard. The stars of the defensive backfield include Jaarael Bell and the league leader in Interceptions Jason Pardo. This team has breezed through the regular season up until this point.  Saturday will be the first true test the Threat have had all season, and they’re VERY ready.

When coach Meteyard showed up in January for the team get together and press conference, he vowed he was here to accomplish two things this season. Beat the Raiders and win a championship.  Saturday at 7pm we will see which rookie coach was more prepared, and which team has more fight.  I can’t guarantee you ANYTHING but an incredible game.  And when 10 pm strikes, you determine for yourself who the 2014 kings are of Racine football!

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