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After a group presented the concept of creating a separate school district in Caledonia at the Caledonia village board meeting on Monday night,  a number of you voiced your opinion about the subject.

So far 105 people have taken our poll about whether they would support creating a Caledonia School District, and 89 have said they would support creating a separate school district, independent from the Racine Unified School District. We’ll be collecting votes for the next week.

Here’s what you had to say:

Kristie Formolo “RUSD is losing over 1200 students this year to Open Enrollment. This is costing the taxpayers over 8 million dollars this year because parents are choosing other public schools over RUSD. Yes, Caledonia needs its own district!”


Stacey Duffy Wilde:  “I really wanted our own district back 2008 so it would be ready when my daughter started school. But no such luck and we went private with both my kids. Really hope this happens this time and I will have another option for high school. Fingers crossed!”

Damian Valentine “I am a resident and parent and would sign up to create a Caledonia Community School District.”

Cherish Martin “Private school for my kids. No way would we send them to RUSD. A Caledonia district would be amazing.”

Shannon Kling-Bardega “Yes most defiantly I’m hoping it goes through relatively quick so my son can be a part of it and I don’t have to worry about where he will go for middle and high school!!! I love Caledonia and we SHOULD have a school!!!!”

Kathleen Olsen Bovitz “Maybe they should try to get more industry in Caledonia. Mt. Pleasant is getting everything and here we sit on the north side with nothing.”

Bridget Lamb Nimz “I don’t have kids in the system and realize that taxes would likely increase however I feel it’s an investment in our community and will draw more to live here.”






Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.