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Jerry Ramirez
Jerry Ramirez

A Case High School student is charged with possession of marijuana after police say they found the drug on him at school.

Jerry Ramirez, 16, of Racine, is charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. Because he was on school grounds, the maximum possible time in prisonĀ is 6 1/2 years, plus time on supervised release, and driver’s license suspension of between six months and five years.

A Mount Pleasant police officer working at Case High School, 7345 Washington Ave., on Monday was approached by a counselor who said Ramirez smelled of marijuana and admitted smoking pot before coming to school. He allowed officers to search him, and they found three baggies of marijuana in his pants, according to the criminal complaint.

Ramirez was given his Miranda warnings, and said he wanted to speak to an attorney. An officer reportedly asked Ramirez what he wanted to do when he got older, and Ramirez replied “I was just trying to make money.” The officer reported she did not ask him anything further because he had already requested an attorney. But she reported Ramirez said “I can’t make as much money as I make now working a regular job.”

After that statement, the officer believed Ramirez was selling marijuana to students at the school.