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Peter Parratore

A McHenry, Ill., man riding in a car with a burnt-out headlight was arrested after a state trooper who stopped him said he found methamphetamine in the car, according to a criminal complaint by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office.

Peter Parratore, 18, is charged with delivering methamphetamine, after a state trooper stopped him on Interstate 94 on Sept. 19. The trooper was set to give the driver a written warning, but questioned her about a pack of cigarettes on the console between the front seats. The driver was 16 years old.

Parratore said the cigarettes were his, and gave his ID to confirm his age. When the trooper ran his information, records showed he had an open warrant, with a warning that he could be armed and dangerous.

Parratore told the trooper he had “molly,” a slang term for methamphetamines, taped to his body, and that he was delivering it to someone at the Rave in Milwaukee.

The bag Parratore turned over to law enforcement had 80 capsules of methamphetamine, 43 capsules of an unknown substance, four unidentified pills and a perforated paper blotter divided into 16 squares.