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Kidney transplant recipient Abbi Strack is not afraid to stick up for herself and other seriously ill patients at the same time.

Someone on Strack’s Facebook page recently took issue with the photos she posted that show her smiling and laughing with her friends, according to a story from The Journal Times.

But Strack had the last word, telling the poster that sick doesn’t mean being sad all the time.

“A sickness is not defined on how sad you are. A sickness does not tell you not to smile or hang out with your friends. It is obvious to me you don’t understand what a picture is. A picture is one millisecond of a day in my life,” she wrote.

Strack went on to say that she gets mad, sad, and frustrated like anyone else with a chronic condition. The difference, she noted, is all in how you handle it. And one more thing?

She doesn’t want her situation being used for anyone’s definition of “sick.”

“I just refuse to feel sad my entire life because I have a medical issue I can’t help. I don’t want to be your definition of being sick,” she said.

Strack – a recent grad of Horlick High School where she played football for four years – received a new kidney earlier this month. She plans to go into nursing.