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Staff at the Caledonia Veterinary Clinic are looking for the owner of a dark grey cat left Monday night on the clinic’s doorstep. The animal was deceased after getting hit by a car.

Allid Heineck left a message on the Racine County Eye Facebook page about the incident.

“Today a younger boy came in and said that he had left the cat there because he saw him get hit on the road and didn’t want to leave him (there),” she wrote. “He was pretty upset over it.”

The cat is dark grey with four white paws, well-nourished and neutered, leading Heineck to believe someone is missing their cat.

“There is someone missing their cat now,” her message continued. “He was well taken care of and neutered, (and) he is here at the clinic.”

If this is your cat or you think you know who’s missing their cat, call the Caledonia Veterinary Clinic at (262) 681-8000.