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Racine Police Department

The Racine Police Department Tuesday released the names of more than 60 individuals with active warrants for domestic violence charges to call more awareness to the issue during October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Racine police Sgt. Jessie Metoyer said in a press release that the names of domestic violence offenders are being released to try and hold them accountable.

“This month is dedicated to raising the community‚Äôs awareness of domestic violence and the resources available to victims of domestic violence,” she said. “We believe that domestic violence offenders must be held accountable for their actions.”

To help victims come forward and report their abusers, both Racine police and Sheriff’s deputies will display in their squad car windows the 24-hour¬†Domestic Violence Hot-Line (262) 633-3233. By calling awareness to domestic violence, authorities also hope family and friends of anyone who might be in an abusive relationship will supply the hotline number to victims and encourage them to get help.

Anyone with an open warrant can call the Racine County Courts Supervisor at 262-636-3300 to request a walk-in appearance and have their warrant vacated.


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