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KSA 1st Ever Lieftime Achievement Award CSUSA Conference 20140814
From left: John Lamb, CSUSA Chair; Scott; Margaret Jones, Awards Chair; James Chambers, CSUSA Treasurer; Charlie Taraboletti, CSUSA Board Member.


**Editor’s Note: This story contains opinion and commentary by the author.

Crime Stoppers of Racine County board member Scott Abrams in August was presented with the first Crime Stoppers USA Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedication to making communities safer.

ScottĀ first got involved with Crime Stoppers almost 30 years ago when he lived in Peoria, IL, and he played the part of a crime victim in a re-enactment that led to the apprehension of the perpetrator.

Since then, he relocated to Racine County and immediately joined the board of our local Crime Stoppers. Scott’s involvement has deepened nationally and internationally as well. He recently had several meetings in Washington, D.C., with representatives of national agencies like Homeland Security, the FBI, and the Department of Justice to find additional ways to prevent crime by working together.

Scott’s leadership and vision have helped our local program grow, and his stewardship and advice has been invaluable to me. I was only about 18 months into being a Crime Stoppers board member when I was asked to serve as the president. Without his help, I’d still be floundering my way running meetings, we wouldn’t have the scholastic program and we wouldn’t have an additional fundraising activity to help us fund the rewards we pay out for anonymous tips.

He says the award came as a complete surprise, and I believe him because he is very much a behind-the-scenes kind of person. Scott makes things happen and we are lucky to have him here in Racine County.

Congratulations, Scott!