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**Submitted by Sgt. Eric Relich of the Mount Pleasant Police Department


  • On 10-3-2014 at approximately 10:25 am (Case # 14-28036) at Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market at 5625 Washington Ave, someone had stolen a women’s gold colored coach purse from the victim’s shopping cart when she had turned away from her cart. The suspect has not been identified at this time.
  • On 10-3-2014 at approximately 3:00 pm (Case # 14-28054) Officers responded to the Wal-Mart neighborhood Market located at 5625 Washington Ave in response to a Retail Theft complaint. Officers learned that a vehicle (black 1997 Ford Expedition)
    Davisha Porter Photo credit: Mount Pleasant PD

    driven by DAVASHIA PORTER 23, from Milwaukee fled the area after the occupants (4 males and one female) of this vehicle had exited the store with $500.00 worth of stolen baby formula. Felony charges have been forwarded to the DA’S office on PORTER however she has not been located. Her accomplices have not been identified. If anyone knows the whereabouts of PORTER or has more information on the whereabouts of the other remaining suspects, please call Crime Stoppers at (262) 636-9330.

  • On 10-30-2014 in the evening hours – (Case # 14-28117) on the DW Davies property at 3200 Phillips Ave., someone removed two batteries from a Ryder truck parked in the lot. The loss is estimated to be $500.00.
  • RyanSpencerOn 11-1-2014 at 1:40 pm (Case # 14-28248), at the request of the Racine Police Department, Mount Pleasant Police Officers handled a Retail theft call in the city of Racine located at 4011 Durand Ave (Piggly Wiggly). The Racine County Communications center advised responding officers that the suspect, RYAN J SPENCER 29, from Racine, was fighting with store security. Upon further investigation officers learned that SPENCER did attempt to flee the scene and break free from the hold on him from the store security officer. Also, SPENCER attempted to leave the store with a full shopping cart. The contents were valued at over $500.00 making this crime of retail theft a felony. He was arrested on this charge and was held in jail for a probation violation.


  • On 10-31-2014 at 1:00 pm a Mt. Pleasant resident returned home and listened to his voicemail messages. He received a message from a male with broken English who claimed he was an IRS agent. The complainant returned the call and talked with the suspect for over 5 minutes. However, he was not allowed to ask questions. It appeared that the suspect was reading legal jargon from a printed script. The complainant became suspicious. He did not believe that he was actually talking with an IRS agent, especially after the suspect insulted him. The suspect threatened to contact the police and get the complainant arrested. The complainant was confident that the suspect was about to ask him questions about his finances, based on the conversation; however he hung the phone up before that could happen. The complainant trusted his instinct and did not become victim to this scam. If this scam happens to you, contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, and fill out a short report. Also you can contact the Federal Trade Commission.


  • In the 2200 block of Racine St. between the dates of 10-31-2014 and 11-4-2014 (Case # 14-28475) an unknown suspect entered a residence and stole a wallet with cash, credit cards, and other items. No arrests were made.


  • VandalizedCar2On 10-31-2014 in the evening hours (Case # 14-28230 and 14-28232) someone applied spray paint (graffiti) on two vehicles in the 1400 Block (Apartments) of Emmertsen Rd. No one has been arrested for these crimes.




  • On 10-31-2014 at 11:32 am (Case # 14-28152)- a Male operator, 67 from Mt. Pleasant drove his car through a retention pond near Stuart McBride Park pond and side swiped a tree before his vehicle came to a stop. The crash was caused by the driver suffering from a diabetic reaction. He was transported to the hospital for treatment due to his diabetes. He was not injured. No citations were issued.
  • On 10-31-2014 at 3:18 pm (Case# 14-28168) at Speedway on Washington Ave., anCarvsSpeedway 84 year old female from Racine attempted to park her vehicle in a parking spot near the front door. She accidently pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal. She ended up driving her vehicle 3 feet into the business causing damage to the business and her car. No one was injured. No citations were issued.
  • On 10-31-2014 at about 4:00 pm Case # 14-28171) Officers responded to a crash near the intersection of CTH H (Fancher Rd.) and CTH C (Spring St). The driver, FERNANDO R RUVALACABA-IBARRA, 31 from Delavan, WI, made a left turn into the path of a second motor vehicle. After colliding, both drivers sustained non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the second unit was transported to the hospital for treatment. Both vehicles were totaled as a result of this crash. FERNANDO R RUVALACABA-IBARRA was charged for Failure to install IID device on vehicle as a result of previous OWI arrests, operating a vehicle after revocation, and Failure to yield right of way while making a left turn.


  • VehicleFireOn 11-5-2014 at 2:04 pm near STH 20 (Washington Ave) and West Rd. (Case # 14-28551), Mount Pleasant officers responded with the South Shore Fire Department to the road leading to the Mt. Pleasant Compost Site. The Racine County Communications Center received reports that a truck was on fire. Upon further investigation the fire appeared to be caused by mechanical problems (not intentional). The driver was a 73-year-old man from Mount Pleasant. The truck started smoking as he was heading to the compost site with his wife and dog with yard waste in the back of his truck.


  • On 11-1-2014 around 3:30 pm (Case # 14-28252) an officer was using his squad to block EB traffic on CTH KR (County Line Rd.) due a vehicle crash that was east of his position. A vehicle driven by PATIENCE SPINLER, 19, from Racine drove EB around the squad. The officer signaled for SPINLER to stop. Upon approaching the vehicle, after SPINLER turned around and stopped, the officer detected the presence of drugs when SPINLER rolled down her window. An officer searched the vehicle and located marijuana in SPINLER’S purse and other paraphernalia from within SPINLERS vehicle. SPINLER was arrested and received municipal citations for Possession of Marijuana and Failure to yield or stop for emergency vehicle.
  • On 11-3-2014 at 1:28 am (Case # 14-28365) while performing patrol duties, a Mount Pleasant officer observed a vehicle with several occupants at traveling towards the dead end of Cozy Acres Rd. After an apparent attempt to elude the officer, a traffic violation was observed. Upon stopping the vehicle and after investigating the suspicious activity, GARRET LONDRE 18 from Mt. Pleasant, MACKINZEE PRICE 22 from Mt. Pleasant, and DAMIAN CHRISTOPHERSON 18 from Mt. Pleasant were arrested for Possession of Marijuana.

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