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Officers with the Racine Human Trafficking Task Force say a man without a known address is behind bars for pimping a 53-year-old woman who doesn’t speak any English.

Logan Ye, 24, was charged Monday in Racine County Circuit Court with a misdemeanor count of pandering/facilitation. If convicted, he faces up to nine months in jail and/or up to $10,000 in fines.

The 53-year-old woman he is accused of prostituting is also charged, but we are not naming her because of her potential status as a victim.

According to the criminal complaint, investigators with the human trafficking task force answered an ad from for a “date.” When the woman arrived, she used her hands to indicate she was there for a sex act. The woman could only say a few words in English, but based on her acceptance of payment, she¬†was taken into¬†custody for prostitution.

Police say they went outside and located Ye in a vehicle. During questioning at the Mount Pleasant Police Department, Ye admitted to driving the woman to the location where the “date” was arranged. He also told officers he received a percentage of payment and the amount varied according to the distance traveled to “dates.”

Law enforcement have been notified by the members of the Racine Coalition Against Human Trafficking so that when the woman is released from custody, they can help her if she chooses.

“The problem is the woman wanting to be identified as a victim,” said Karri Hemmig, founder of the group. “They have to have reached the point where they are ready for help.”

This case may also involve international consideration, making it even more of a challenge.

“In a lot of cases where the women and their traffickers are from other countries, the woman’s family is being threatened. When that happens, the woman no longer cares about herself and is only thinking of her family,” Hemmig added.

Ye remained in the Racine County Jail as of Monday evening on a $250 cash bond. He will next be in court for a pre-trial conference on Dec. 18.

We will update this story as more details become available.