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Cristian Loga-Negru, the 38-year-old man accused of killing his wife, Roxana Abrudan, Wednesday night with a hatchet, was ordered held without bond Friday at his initial appearance.

Loga-Negru was charged in Racine County Circuit Court with single felony counts each of 1st degree intentional homicide, mayhem and kidnapping, all with domestic violence assessments. If convicted, he could reasonably spend the rest of his life in jail. He appeared via closed circuit TV wearing a suicide suit.

Racine County District Attorney Rich Chiapete asked the court to hold the defendant without bond because of the way he “plotted and planned and hunted the victim down” and used a hatchet “to inflict the maximum amount of pain, terror and mutilation.” He also noted that Loga-Negru has dual citizenship in the U.S. and Romania and had his passport in his room at the Super 8, 1150 Oakes Road, in order to flee after he killed his wife.

“His intent was to kill the victim and then fly back to Romania,” Chiapete said.

More, he noted that assigning a cash bond and giving the defendant the opportunity for release would endanger the public, particularly the friends with whom Abrudan was staying.

Loga-Negru appeared with attorney Pat Cafferty who asked for a competency hearing because he was aware of recent contacts the defendant had with mental health professionals. Cafferty also conceded the points Chiapete made for holding Loga-Negru without bond during his evaluation request.

“Based on brief information I’ve been able to collect today, I am asking that the court order a competency review,” he said. “There does seem to be some recent evidence of interaction with mental health professionals.”

Court Commissioner Alice Rudebusch agreed with both attorney’s and denied bond and ordered a competency evaluation.

“He is an out-of-state resident who came here just to commit mayhem and other acts which are beyond the pale,” she said. “I’m going to order that he be held without bond.”

According to Mount Pleasant police, Loga-Negru tracked his 36-year-old wife to a friend’s house in the village and attacked her with a hatchet in the yard when she returned from an errand. The couple was separated after the woman filed a police report and obtained a restraining order against the defendant. The victim had been staying in Mount Pleasant for about a month before the defendant found her.

Abrudan was airlifted to Froedtert Hospital and declared dead at 9:39 p.m., approximately an hour after authorities say Loga-Negru attacked her.

Autopsy results show that Abrudan died of “multiple chop wounds and blunt force injuries.” In addition to several deep lacerations to her head, Abrudan suffered broken bones in her face and head, chop wounds to both hands and cuts and bruises on her legs.

When police arrived at the hotel, they found Loga-Negru standing over his wife while she lay in the backseat of his car, the complaint reads. He is described as having “blood all over (his) clothing and ‘red splotches’ on his torso area, his sleeves and pants.” Loga-Negru was ordered to put his hands up, and, when he was taken into custody, asked police to shoot him and expressed disappointment that Wisconsin no longer has the death penalty.

Police say one of Loga-Negru’s relatives had flown in from Romania and told officers that the defendant said he was going out and would be back in about an hour. When Loga-Negru returned, he was covered in blood and told his relative, “I killed Roxana,” and stated that the victim was in the car.

A search warrant of the hotel room turned up a Romanian passport and ID cards, paperwork from Cook County, IL, about the restraining order against him, and the sheath used with the hatchet police found at the home where the attack took place.

Both the defendant and the victim were from Arlington Heights, IL.

Loga-Negru lists himself on his LinkedIn profile as a financial services professional who owns his own firm; worked in counter intelligence for the U.S. Army and received a Korean Defense Service medal; and holds both an MBA and a law degree.

The review hearing has been for 11 a.m. Dec. 11.

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