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Missing dog

The dog missing from the scene of a homicide Wednesday night has been reunited with its family.

Mount Pleasant police Sgt. Eric Relich confirmed Friday that Cannoli had been found earlier in the day and was resting comfortably back at home.

In a written statement, Relich said Cannoli was found shortly before 10 a.m. Friday trying to stay warm by curling up under the dryer vent of a home in the 4800 block of Ridgeway in the City of Racine. Officers retrieved the animal and took it to the Wisconsin Humane Society where they scanned for a microchip.

A short time later, Cannoli was reunited with its owners.

“The dog seemed to be healthy and happy to be back with its owners,” Relich noted. “I was informed that the safe return of Cannoli was extremely comforting as the family grieves the death of their friend and deals with the traumatic nature in which she lost her life.”

Given the traumatic nature of Cannoli’s disappearance, Relich said representatives from the Women’s Resource Center have reached out to offer services to the family because of their friendship with the victim.