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A few days ago I wrote an Op-Ed about the results of the Grand Jury in Missouri.  Some comments said that people should read the transcripts.  There is certainly no loss of opinions about the subject.  But the comments about reading the transcript lead me to see what it would take to find that transcript.

Finding the transcript of the entire Grand Jury from beginning to end was a bit difficult to find.  I found it interesting no one provided a link to it even though many said to read it.  But still I thought it was a good idea.  I have already read half of the testimony of Darren Wilson.  I plan on reading the rest.  The reason is I want the answer to one question for myself:  How far was Michael Brown away from Darren Wilson when Wilson decided to fatally shoot Michael Brown Jr?  I have not heard that piece of testimony from any media source.  I want to better understand why the officer felt his life was at risk.  Even then it certainly is a judgement call on believing the testimony.  But what was said still should be part of the process of making up one’s own mind on the subject.

The first link is an Acrobat file of the entire case.  It is 4799 pages long.  But before you click away, I located the page at which Law Enforcement officer Darren Wilson started his testimony.  To balance this information, I found another resource.  The second link is to a video of the Charlie Rose program on PBS where Mr. Rose interviews Michael Brown Sr with Lesley McSpadden, parents of Michael Brown and their Attorney Benjamin Crump.

So, if you are inclined, read and view the links provided.  Let us know what you think.

State of Missouri vs Darren Wilson

Charlie Rose Interview with Mr. & Mrs. Michael Brown Sr.

To locate the testimony of Officer Darren Wilson go to Acrobat Page 865.  The printed transcript will indicate it is on Page 196 but that is because page numbers started over each day.

Rees Roberts