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The followers of Westboro Baptist Church say they will be in Racine next week to picket two locations: St. Lucy’s Catholic Church on Sunday and Horlick High School on Monday.

On the group’s website, they say they chose those locations because priests “lie to them and preach smooth things instead of the true Gospel,” and, as a result, children are abused.

There is a regularly scheduled 5 p.m. mass Sunday at St. Lucy’s so parishioners will be arriving during the scheduled protest, including a number of children. Church leaders said they are aware of the picketing, but it is unclear what kind of preparations are underway because Father Mark Jones was not in when Racine County Eye called.

Horlick is on their list because “Every parent, preacher, teacher and leader is to blame for their abysmal ignorance of the Bible,” leading to the shots fired incident last September. The group also says kids will hear the truth “for once in their miserable lives.”

Racine Unified spokesperson Stacy Tapp said the District is aware of the situation and will communicate with families about WBC’s plans to be outside the school near dismissal time.

“We are being transparent, and we are working with police because there is concern about big crowds at dismissal time,” she said. “We just don’t want this blowing up bigger because Westboro wants an audience.”


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