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Photo credit: Steve Houte, Village of Mount Pleasant Engineering Department


Walkers, bikers, joggers, and those who just enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Pike River will soon be able to do so from Old Spring Street all the way to Highway 11.

A new bridge was installed Wednesday over the Waxdale Creek in Phase 5 of the multi-year, multimillion dollar project that has alleviated drainage and flooding issues for homes and created a natural parkway for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Originally created as a creek by farmers to manage their stormwater run-off, the Pike River was overgrown and choked with invasive species. Partnerships between the village, University of Wisconsin and the Root-Pike WIN group have brought in biology students, master gardeners and volunteers to plant native flora and for construction crews to reshape and redirect the river in spots.

The pathway begins at Old Spring Street, a few blocks west of Stuart Road, and extends south to Washington Avenue. From there, users have to utilize the controlled intersection at Oakes Road to cross the street before continuing west to pick up the pathway as it runs along Case High School.

With the addition of the bridge across the creek, the Pike River Pathway will be open for public use next spring or summer from Old Spring Street to Durand Avenue.


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