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The Dino’s delivery truck will ride again Christmas Day to pick up donations of hot dishes for the Hospitality Center’s Christmas Brunch. Photo credit: Dino’s Facebook


When Christmas brunch is served at the Hospitality Center, visitors will enjoy homemade hot dishes delivered in a vehicle familiar to so many: the Dino’s delivery truck.

David Ferderer, grandson of Dino’s founder Dino Dominici, volunteered to fire up the old delivery truck on Christmas Day to pick up donations of hot dishes for residents who want to help make sure homeless and needy neighbors have a great holiday meal but maybe can’t get down to the Center themselves.

“This is beyond remarkable and another example of the goodness, caring and the kindness of the people in Racine,” Rev. Kevin Stewart, director of th “Excited, grateful and overwhelmed by David’s offer.”

He said he expects to serve over 100 people Christmas morning, and the outpouring of support from the volunteers – including Ferderer and a crew from Rosie’s Restaurant – means no one will go hungry.

“This is really turning into a great community event,” Stewart added. “We are opening our door to anyone who wants to join us for food and fellowship on Christmas morning.”

Whether or not the Center’s brunch evolves into as prominent an event as Dan & Ray’s Rendering Thanks annual event on Thanksgiving remains to be seen, but Stewart said he is open to the growth and welcomes the opportunity.

“Is a Christmas Day community event the start of something really special? We welcome introductions and conversations,” he said. “It looks like we’re throwing a party! Come one, come all.”

The truck is heated so anything hot like casseroles and soups will stay hot, decreasing the amount of prep time volunteers need to consider during the meal.

Leave a message for Ferderer at (262) 902-1468 to make arrangements for pick-up.

Brunch will be served from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. that day at the Hospitality Center at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 614 Main Street.