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From lower left: Travenn Webster, Bobby Henderson, and Daimon Jackson are charged in the shooting death of Maurice Carter.


Racine County Circuit Court Commissioner Alice Rudebusch Monday assigned $100,000 cash bonds to each of three men charged with the shooting death of Maurice Carter last week.

Bobby Henderson, 24, Travenn Webster, 24, and Daimon Jackson, 25, were charged Monday with single felony counts each of felony murder, armed robbery with use of force, and possession of a firearm by a felon; all as party to a crime and all as repeaters.

If convicted, they face life in prison.

According to their criminal complaints, Carter was visiting friends and playing cards Dec. 11 at a home in the 1100 block of Grand Avenue when the group was asked to leave the residence. Witnesses told police they packed up their belongings and loaded them into the truck of a car out front when they noticed two black males walking toward them. As one of the friends backed their car into a driveway to turn around, they observed the two men run toward Carter while he stood near another car.

The men overtook Carter, officers say they were told, and Carter began to fight with the men while the friend finished turning their vehicle around. The friend told police they heard at least one gunshot and saw Carter fall to the ground.

After he was down, witnesses say they saw the two men go through Carter’s pockets, the complaint reads. The friend told officers they drove their car quickly toward the men in an attempt to get them away from Carter so they could render aid to their friend.

Police say they recovered a gun and an ammunition magazine at the scene and were able to lift two fingerprints that came back belonging to Henderson. He was apprehended the next morning during a traffic stop near Valley Drive.

During questioning, Henderson admitted he participated in the robbery and shooting of Carter and named Webster and Jackson as his accomplices, the complaint reads. He told officers the gun belonged to Jackson and that he handled it in the car before giving it back to Jackson.

Officers say Henderson told them Webster asked him and Jackson, “Who wants to make some money?” The trio decided as a group that Webster would drop Henderson and Jackson off in the 1000 block of Center Street. Once the robbery was complete, Webster would meet them in the 1000 block of Villa.

Henderson said that he and Jackson were walking east on 10th Street toward Grand when they observed two people near a car. The man Henderson approached panicked and got in his car, but he told police he heard Jackson scuffling with Carter and two gunshots before he took off running away from the scene, the complaint reads.

When the men were back in the car with Webster, police say Henderson asked Jackson why he shot Carter, and Jackson said he thought Carter was armed so he shot first.

During police questioning of Jackson, he first denied any involvement but then admitted his role in Carter’s death, saying he was only supposed to be the lookout for a robbery but that it turned into a homicide, the complaint continues. Jackson was “reluctant to identify his co-conspirators in the matter.”

All three defendants remain in the Racine County Jail and will next be in court Dec. 30 for their preliminary hearings.